13% CBD



13% CBD

Highly Superior quality organic Hash. Over 1 year in the making!

Proudly produced by Lough Farm with the assistance of our partners Hempture and uHemp

The aroma will bring back memories of the old days when the hash was great in Ireland, it smells amazing!!

Our beautiful WICKLOW BUBBLE HASH is an extracted product composed of compressed and purified resin glands, called trichomes, from the Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L) This strains we use are EU approved and are grown under government licence.

Although the process of removing the resins from the plants have become more refined, the essence has remained unchanged for millennia. Our products are made in Ireland and comply with EU law. Our WICKLOW BUBBLE contains under 0.2% THC to comply with regulations and EU and Irish law.

Often referred to BUBBLE HASH, Putty black, black putty, sticky black, Afghan hash, Nup, charas, shish, kif and others. Street names often refer to the shape in which the hash is formed, such as a candy bar, soap bar, nine bar, finger, patties, or surfboard. The country of origin is also used as a description, for example black Afghan, blonde Lebanese, or Moroccan and many more.. We just call it WICKlOW BUBBLE!

It’s the finest example of CBD hash in Ireland and we and living proof of what can be achieved in the wet Irish climate!

We are EXTEREMLY proud of this product, we love it and we know you will too!

We have limited stock, so don’t miss out! Once it’s gone its gone!

The benefits of using a whole plant extract is that you get a wide array of beneficial compounds that are contained in the whole hemp plant – and that includes hundreds of compounds like cannabidiol (CBD), secondary cannabinoids (CBG, CBDa etc), terpenoids, terpenes, and flavonoids – and all of these compounds work together to increase the beneficial effects of CBD and lessen the potential negative effects of other compounds contained within the plant, this is sometimes called the ‘entourage effect’.

-100% hash
-Lab tested by Hemp-test.com
-Approved by the IIHA
-EU Approved and certified
-THC level less then 0.2%
-Organically grown
-100% Pure and Quality assured.
-Suitable for Vegans, Non GMO & No Chemical Additives

Package contains:
Hash x 100g

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2 grams

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